Friday, 17 January 2014

Dear Daddy - It's Thank YOU from me

My Dearest Daddy,

My Altogether Lovely Gentleman of Galilee. Emmanuel, my Jireh, my Hero, my sufficiency, my All in All - Mother, Father, Lover, Best Friend.

I have so much to say.. But I'll just summarise my heart song by saying THANK YOU DADDY! You have been incredibly amazing to me, I have so many testimonies.. THANK YOU..

There's this song that I heard the choir do justice to in church some months back (the Pastor and church loved it so much, it became our thank you anthem).. Daddy, may I share it with you today and hope it blesses the heart of at least one of your children who read this post!

Like the song says... I am the one that came back to say THANK YOU.. I'm grateful for ALL that you have done.. I had to come back, my heart made me run back, to say THANK YOU!

Even if like the 10 lepers, only one person comes back to say THANK YOU, that One would be me.. Thank You Jesus!

Your forever girl,
One xx


In the midst of her said...

Hmmm…Thank you!!! Priceless words!

imperfectlyperfect92 said...

Sometimes we get so drawn into the circle of requests we forget to thank God from our hearts.
And your post has reminded me,this evening Baba, I just want to say Thank you Jesus!

Missy Tee's said...

Thank You Thank You a million times over. We sure forget to say thank you before moving on to the next request on the list.

Thanks 1+ the one for reminding us.

ROSELYN K said...

There's nothing quite like Thanksgiving, even for the smallest of things. God bless:-)

Unyime-Ivy King said...

Joining you in thanksgiving. He deserves all the glory and honour that we can ever give Him.

E' said...

My hubby literally lives a life of constant gratitude. While I am not ungrateful, I certainly could be more thankful.
Plus, lie no good, Sugar daddy of mine has been abso-friggin-lutely AH-MAY-ZING
from the seeming little things (are there really little things? ) to the big things, He keeps rocking
Bless you nne

1 + The One said...

@InThe, Thank Baba God.. He's just too much xx
@ImP, We must choose not to forget.. He deserves our praise indeed xx
@Missy, I am soo guilty of that.. It doesn't take much for me to start feeling sorry for myself and being all ungrateful forgetting how good God is! Thank God for His grace
@You're very right! Nothing too small to say thank you for! Thanks a lot for stopping by xx
@UIK, Glory, Halleluyah! He's worthy xx
@E, You can say that again hun.. We need to cultivate a lifestyle of continuous and passionate thanksgiving.. Nothing like over-do in that area.. May God help us xx